A Faroese Woman tells the truth:
“The grind in Hvannasund yesterday was outrageous animal cruelty. Six whales were alive and swimming in the fjord for a long time, whilst their family lay dead on the beach, and the sea was red with their blood. This is animal cruelty, and should not be accepted. When the first 100 whales were killed, boats went out after the small pod of whales, which escaped the first drive hunt. These were killed at the same whaling bay, and so had to experience the terror of swimming through the bloody water. This should not be accepted. After the killing they went out after a small pod, which they were not able to drive in the first time. They did not go after this group until two hours after the initial killing, whilst dead whales were being moved. One cannot imagine how much horror the whales must have been through. This is also a question of considering the ethics and the question of whether the time has come, to protect and respect these animals, since we owe them our thanks for everything they have given us through the ages.”

The Lies that The Faroese will tell you:

"It takes a few seconds for the whale to die" - WRONG! Longest documented death was 20minutes!
"This is our tradition" - Cannibalism, Rape, Human Sacrifice etc. were all traditions, must we revert back to that?
We kill the whales for food, we don't have food" WRONG! These blood islands have stocked supermarkets and even a Burger King!
"This is about community building" - WRONG! (It degenerates the fabric of community - Scientific fact)
"There is no shortage of whales in the Ocean" - WRONG! (Just how stupid can one be to say that?)

So not only are they liars, but they try to justify this demented bloodlust with hollow excuses.