The real cost of visiting The Faroe Islands
Faroese laws that you must know:
If you visit these blood islands, you are helping them to keep this bloodfest going. Mankind has evolved. These islands are fraught with incest, abuse and persecution. Do the humane thing and do not support such behavior.
Tourists Laws:

1) It is an offence (in breach of grind law) not inform the police if dolphins are spotted
2) that all equipment, vehicles, ships or any other possession can be seized if it is suspected to have been used to try to save dolphins’ lives
3)that authorities can detain anyone for up to 12 hours on the suspicion that they are going to try and save dolphins.
4) If you use resident's toilet paper, you can be arrested. These Islands have no logic or reason.

Visit Faroe Islands - The official Faroese Tourism Body

In February 2016, the tourism organization known as Visit Faroe Islands had lawyers come after this website. They took their complaint to WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).They said that they are entitled to this domain and that our pictures (Taken on The Faroe Islands) were offensive. Needless to say, after WIPO heard the case in Zurich, Visit Faroe Islands lost and we were obviously left to carry on with our free speech. Draconian laws apply in The Faroe Islands, but not in the real world. We will keep growing this site. With every whale they kill, we will add content and grow this site. We will not stop, we will not give in. We are going to start promoting this site until it tops search engines. Be prepared Faroese barbarians, you cannot hide your dirty secret. YOU CAN ONLY HIDE BEHIND DENMARK FOR SO LONG!!

And a message to "Visit Faroe Islands": thank you for giving our site the global recognition that it deserves. You certainly did a lot to boost our visits and traffic. Now, please take it from us, accept that modern society do not agree with your dirty secret and encourage your people to stop this barbarism. Failing which, we will continue to push teh truth into the light.
Below are a list of companies that support The faroese economy. The biggest are the tour operators and we feel it only right to mention who they are and encourage people to NOT support them. There are many tour operators that have stopped going to these blood islands because of the savagery and barbarism that the world is witnessing, but these companies refuse to stop. In supporting the economy, they indirectly support this bloodfest! We did email these companies and asked them to stop visiting these blood islands and we also advised them that they will be featured on our site. Not one replied, so here you go: - Transocean Tours is a German cruise line that operates three ocean-going cruise ships in the German and British markets and five river cruise ships in Germany.

Thomson Cruises (Soon to become TUI) - Part of the TUI group. Do not book your holidays with their travel agents and avoid flying on their TUI aircraft.

Faroe Islands Salmon - Ask your restaurant where their Salmon comes from. If it is from The Faroe Islands, don't touch it!

Costco - Massive buyer of Salmon from the Blood Islands. Do not buy! (Or shop elsewhere!)

Stay away from anything coming from the country of Denmark. See the page dedicated to Denmark's role in the Bloodfest.