The sick reality of being a woman on The Blood Islands

Faroese girl - "I have heard a lot about incest/pedophilia lately"

Tina is a Faroses girl - "“I moved because I had been abused and couldn’t talk about it at home,” she told The Arctic Journal. “I loved being away because I was anonymous and did not have to say hello to everyone I met on the street.The Faroese men are at least part of the reason that the Faroese women leave. There is still an old boy network of men that feel like they are in charge” she said. Tina also said that the high Faroese rates of sexual abuse of children and young people is a major problem that could well be a reason that women leave the islands. “There is a lot of abuse on the Faroes,” she said.

Pia is a Faroese girl - the saying that if you want to remain a virgin on the Faroe Islands you must be able to outrun your grandfather is true. I won't go back home."

Sad story - The Faroese society has a legacy marked by incest. But Faroese Alice Haahr struggling to break the silence. Faroese Alice Haahr has been sexually abused as a child and is one of those who struggle to put incest on the agenda of the small island in the North Atlantic.

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