This is what these 'footballers' did!
Copy this into your browser to see these two 'stars' in action!

SHOCKING! Even the Faroese national football team can't resist spilling blood! Proving again that this is entertainment, not food!!

In the above photo, the two men in the red circles are Pįll Klettskarš and Sųrmundur Kalsų. They play football for the Faroese national team. Obviously, they have been very embarrassed by being caught in the act. And ofcourse, we feel it only right to give them their own slot on our site! (Hope you see this Adidas!! This is who and what you are associated with!)
The response given by the Faroes to this slaughter? "Where the fuck were you ? Do you really think, that the Pilot Whales give a fuck, if you write a couple of lines ?!?"